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#1 Cattle from Southern Germany from certified organic farms

#2 Collection & sorting of the hides in regional slaughterhouse

#3 Vegetable tanning in traditional pit tannery

#4 Production of leather goods in family-owned manufactory

#5 Sale of products (online & offline)



We work exclusively with hides and skins from animals that have been slaughtered at “fairfleisch” in Überlingen, Southern Germany. The slaughterhouse works in a gentle manner to process the animals that were held according to animal welfare standards from certified organic farms around the area. The proximity to the farms keeps transportation routes as short as possible for the animals. It also enables us to have a close relationship to the farmers.


Vegetable tanning

We decided to tan our leather at the pit tannery August Renz in Tuttlingen. The family business uses only vegetable tanning agents such as valonea oak and chestnut wood, mimosa bark and quebracho wood. These tanning extracts are the most common in vegetable tanning. Pit tanning is a traditional method which is less water consuming and more ressource-efficient than conventional tanning methods. Pit tanning is central to our designs, which require a firm and durable leather.



Our bags and leathergoods are handmade in the small family business Anton near Cologne. The proximity to our atelier in Berlin allows us to work closely together in development and production, but it also preserves local knowledge and skills. The manufactory is one of the last remaining german manufactories and it stands for traditional craftsmanship and high quality.

All additional parts required for the production like buttons, threads and buckles are carefully selected by us.


leather Goods

We aim to create products for conscious consumerism: to design bags that accompany you for a lifetime rather than a new bag whenever you feel like it. Our pieces add something special to every look, while slotting in unexcitedly.

Our design is timeless and minimalistic. We chose leather as the main material because of its natural beauty despite gentle marks, scars or mosquito bites. A product that looks beautiful regardless of its age or unique "imperfections". We decided not to use other materials for the lining of our bags. Leather convinces inside and out because of its purity and longevity.